Lhasa Apso Association of Wales & SW Open Show

9th November 2003

Jo House (Judge)


The Lhasa Apso Association of Wales and South West held an open show where it was my first appointment of judging at club open show level.  There was a pleasing entry of 91 dogs, which I am told is the club’s highest.  Thank you for the invitation and thank you to the exhibitors for the support.

BIS was Ch Kutani Reckless RBIS Eng.Port. & Sp.Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga (Imp) BP Kutani Alfie Moon.

Veteran Dog. (3,2) 1st Reynolds Ch.Jardene Cantona 9 Y.O g/w still in good condition with impressive jacket. Well assembled through out. Moved well.

Minor Puppy Dog (9,5) 1st BPIS Cain.Kutani Alfie Moon 2nd Ellis Nedlick Smart Edition both g/w of different types 1 better in movement with adorable expression. Both having good construction 1 better depth in rib.

2nd Ellis Nedlik Smart Edition

3rd Wilkes Monkspath Just William

Puppy Dog (5,3) 1st Becsgame Fanfare for Kenida

2nd Scott Wolferlow Merlot very different in type & size, preferred front assembly on 1 having better return of upper arm, 1 also having darker eye although 1 not being entirely sure on the move he did plenty to take the class but gave up in the challenge. Hope he will get braver with age.

Junior Dog (6,3) 1st King Nedlik De Nato of Vallena b/w in top condition. Beautiful shape on the stand and keeping it on the move. Well constructed and a lovely head toped with a true Tibetan expression. Didn’t seam to like the surface in the ring but put on a good show and enough to take the class.

2nd Luscott Jalus Dan Dare gold masculine boy dripping in coat. Very different type to 1 would prefer a softer expression moved very well.

3rd Barthorpe’s Midsomer Pride

Special Yearling Dog (3,1) 1st Holman Quaymore Mr Bojangles at Kymelsa gold boy with lovely eye shape and head. Little long in body length. Moved well in full flow.2nd Barthorpe Patarch Midsummer Pride.

Graduate Dog (2) 1st Hazelhurst Sinyul Latin Lover At Corrolls JW grey/white nice dark eye and pigment lovely shape standing and on the move. Good depth and length of rib. Nice turn of stifle, moved well in good coat.

2nd Holman Quaymore Mr Bojangles at Kymelsa.

Post Graduate Dog (4,1) 1st Lewis Deelayne Ficky Stinger

2nd O’Kane Kutani Fire Fighter two lovely dogs 1 having better front assembly also chest and depth of rib preferred size 2nd unfortunately didn’t keep top line on the move but I loved his masculine but sweet expression.

3rd Deacon’s Zanamop Miskins Dragon for Andolyn

Limit Dog  (3,2) 1st O’Kane Zharovan Zhiskan pale gold – coat almost there nice shape good pigment good front assembly and movement.

Open Dog (5,2) 1st BIS Ch Kutani Reckless Softest expression solid masculine dog without coarseness, loved his expression toped with dark pigment. Elegant flowing shape standing and on the move with a beautiful arched neck, which many seamed to be lacking. Moved effortlessly all day.

2nd RBD Reece & Webster Kandykone Kontradiktion have admired him from outside the ring. Didn’t put on his best performance today, maybe not liking the surface? Small through out compared to 1, would prefer a little more of him and depth of rib. Beautiful flowing shape with good arched neck.

3rd Savolainen’s Fin Ch Chic Choix Ta Sen Emperor (Imp)


Veteran Bitch (5,3) 1st RBIS Lewis & Noble Eng.Port.Sp.Ch Shiawandi Ga Ga (Imp) Feminine young lady, loved her expression and head. Elegant shape good depth and length of rib in top condition moved well.

2nd Reynolds Chethang Georgette sometime since I have been over this young lady. Nicely put together taller and narrower than 1 but a lovely girl. Moved well in top condition credit to owner.

3rd Barthorpe’s Corrolls Mecedes at Patarch

Minor Puppy Bitch (9) 1st   RBPIS King Vallena Aimena smashing little girl. Very feminine and pretty. Lovely head with correct proportions. Good depth and length of rib. Sound mover. Well made all through

2nd Frankl Nedlik Simply Classic another smasher. Loved her head and dark eye moved well.

3rd Cunliffe’s Vallena Kythyhana at Modhish

Puppy Bitch (9,3) 1st Paradise Shadlow Party Popper black girl in good coat elegant in shape, just a little long in body, but you can’t have everything. Lovely Tibetan expression with good pigment moved well in all her classes.

2nd Cain’s Kutani Daydream Believer beautiful feminine gold bitch with the prettiest of faces. Nice shape and well put together. Preferred movement on 1.

3rd Lawson’s Rishlyn Disclosure

Junior Bitch (10,3) 1st Hazelhurst Corrolls Look At Me. Well named moved soundly when she has four feet on the floor, lovely expression with goof dark eye and shape, good pigment. Nice reach of neck flowing into level topline.

2nd Shand-Clark & Shand Robinson Zentarr Mallissa Among Shanclar pretty girl with good reach of neck beautiful coat. 1 had better expression and front assembly.

3rd Anderson’s Zentarr Cathryn

Special Yearling Bitch (6,3) 1st Anderson Zentarr Laylah.

2nd Allen Quaymore Roseanna two nice girls. Found 1 to be more feminine and elegant. Still not quite sure on the move were 2 was, would like more of her. 2nd needs time to mature nicely made.

3rd Carter’s Wolferlow Time to Party at Vowchurch

Novice Bitch (7,3) 1st Paradise Shadlow Party Popper

2nd Lawson Rishlyn Disclosure feminine little girl. Nice shape and head. Well presented. Moved well.

3rd Bedford’s Avonbourne Electra

Graduate Bitch (4,2) 1st Paradise Shadlow Part Popper.

2nd Carter Magrathea Finlafling to Vowchurch B/T pretty girl of nice size. Moved well good pigment and dark eye.

Post Graduate Bitch (10,5) 1st Ellis Nedlik Look At Me not one that stands out in a crowd, but very pleasing to go over-feminine bitch with nice grey and white coat lovely head with correct proportions. Good movement front and back very pleasing.

2nd Allen Ardquin Anastasia with Quaymore gold bitch, bigger than 1 in good coat, good pigment, moved well.

3rd Jones’ Tarendes Scrumptious Bear

Limit Bitch (12,6) 1st RBB Hazelhurst Patarch Prim & Proper at Corrolls

2nd King Vallena Innes loved both these girls. Both very elegant and feminine. True Tibetan expressions well angulated front and back more confident on the move but could change places another day.

3rd Chamberlain’s Avonbourne Mandzari at Chobrang JW

Open Bitch (5,3) 1st Torrance Sinyul All You Need is Love, Grey and white-sound on the move. Good pigment and dark eye. Nice expression liked her shape.

2nd Shand-Clark and Shand Robinson Deelayne Beyond The Pale For Shanclar Immaculate coat in top condition moved well. Would prefer her to be a little more feminine.


Judge – Jo House.